Happy New Year’s


10-Pickle Pounders
10-Fire Hydrant-each side
10-Bird Dog-each side
10-Bad Dog-each side
10-Proud Pickle

Mosey to Light House
Grab Coupons (10#, 15#, and 35# kettle bells)

Carousel of Death Version 1
Circle Up, when you don’t have a coupon alternate doing Squats and Lunges as a Power Hour tribute plays. Pass coupons around circle every song change.
10# Coupon-Alternating Arm Swings
15# Coupon-Alternating Tricep Extensions
35# Coupon-Alternating Elf On Shelf

Carousel of Death Version 2
When you don’t have a coupon alternate between LBACF and LBACR
10#-Alternating Tempo Arm Swings
15# -Alternating Curls
35#-2 Arm Swing

Carousel of Death Version 3
Circle up tight with backs facing in. Pass coupons around circle, switching directions on song changes.

Mosey to beach
45 seconds to strip down to minimum of 1 article of clothing, maximum of 2.

Lock Arms and walk together into the ocean.


5 strong men got better while most of you fartsacked. The ocean was cold!!! Great workout.

Prayers for Inmate and his Dopey Challenge. Prayers for Gutenman as he sets sail for das Motherland

Lots of races and such coming up. Someone needs to take point on Dolphin Day.

1/4 is kickoff for BWK workout. Be present for the first. Sign up to Q. Invite those who have said the island is too far!!

My prayer for the new year is to remember that while the year is new, and signals new beginnings; God is steadfast and never changing.


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