Happy Birthday to me…

Well, they say if you don’t take care of yourself, no one will so me, Inmate-Q for the 12/5/2016 iteration of Jailbreak on SSI- had a birthday workout on 12/5/2015 with several of my friends.

As I turn 41 today the 6th, I made it a day of 41 (plus one to grow on) for various exercises.

First, a preamble was given and all were of solid mind and spirit to send the next 45 minutes together for an unseasonably warm morning on SSI, approximately 70 degrees perfect for the 0530 start:


The thang:

Mosey from Pier village start around to the Casino area in full view of the first strands of daylight:

42 Side Straddle Hops

42 four count Merkins

42 two count little baby crunches

42 second wall sits

42 little baby arm circles (21 forward, 21 back)

MOsey to Mallory park

wheelbarrow carry up a winding walkway and switch partners at the top

Circuit of 42 pullups, 42 dips, 42 merkins, 42 four count flutter kicks

Mosey from Mallory Park

Stop half way for 42 second planks-front, 42 left arm raised,  42 second right arm raised.

Mosey with multiple 42 second tempo runs at approximately 7 minute a mile pace.

Continue mosey to Pier with additional little baby crunches (21 two count for 42 total)

Jailbreak sprint to flag pole.

Mission complete!!



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