Halloween-spooktacular beatdown

Happy Halloween from SSI where 5 PAX participated in a scary workout with ghost stories galore!

Time: 5:30 am

Location: SSI Pier Village

Temperature: 70 degrees

Inmate provided the disclaimer and a note that more running/moseying would be done this workout. Cow Tipper complained that the notice should have been made earlier. No one else complained.

The thang:

Mosey to casino area via the winding brick path

20 side straddle hops

10 two count merkins

little baby arm circles 10 forward, 10 reverse

20 two count little baby crunches

20 flutter kicks

5 two count decline merkins

plank o rama with a Inmate sharing a true ghost story

Mosey to playground the long way

10 two count pullups

20 dips

10 two count incline merkins

10 (or so) pullups with five count drops in between

Mosey to SSUMC

Plank of anticipation for the 6

Wheelbarrow partnering up and over drop off for SSUMC daycare ramp

Little baby crunches for Hotel California ghost story told by twinkle toes

Mosey back to Neptune Park playground

Incline plank and Igbo Landing at Dunbar Creek ghost story from Tin Man

Mosey to casino area

10 two count merkins

Mission Complete

Ball of Man with prayers and dismissal




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