Shovel’s Virgin Q – Slightly Beastly

It was a beautiful fall morning with a temp of 66.  Perfect for the BEAST!  2 people came for a workout.


The Thang:

Side straddle hops – 25
Imperial walkers -20
Seal jacks – 20
Little baby arm circles forward – 15
Little baby arm circles backwards – 15
Moroccan night clubs – 15
Wonderbra – 15


Modified Beast – 5 lap Light runs instead of 6

First light – 6 merkins
Second light – 6 side straddle hops
Third light – 6 reverse merkins (dips)
Fourth light – 6 jump squats
Fifth – 6 plank jacks
Six – 6 prisoner squats

Clock Merkins
Started at 12:00 – 5 merkins each time slot
Then moved to 3,6,9,12

Turned over to Cow Tipper to finish since I didn’t plan enough
Mosey to playground
5 pull ups
15 Freddie Mercurys
20 lunges
20 dips

Mosey to side of school
Door to door exercise (one partner runs down to last door and back while other partner does exercise
50 merkins
100 lbc
150 squats

Mosey to flag pole


Announcements- Twinkle toes is setting up first-responder training for F3

Prayer closeout

Big thanks to Cow Tipper for the assist and helping a struggling first timer.




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