Cool Breeze & Ocean Seas with Musical Tease & Water Jugs

7 People showed up shivering in the 50 degree cold looking for a good way to warm up.

The Thang:

-Mosey on to the pier and back to the flag pole to enjoy optimal cold breeze running through our hair and veins.

  1. Chumbawampa Song (~3:41) [First Song]

        Start with SSH, do a Burpee every time you hear “I get knocked down, but I get up again” continuously do SSH while not performing Burpees. (approximately 27 Burpees) – we were officially warm after this one.

LBAC small X 15 IC

LBAC small reverse X 15 IC

LBAC “Big”  X 15 IC

LBAC “Big” reverse X 15 IC

Moroccan night clubs X 15 IC

Imperial walkers X 15 IC

American Hammers X 15 IC

Mosey to the first public beach access past the lighthouse.  (Discover 28 1-Gallon Water Jugs at bottom of the stairs)

Each PAX grabs 2 1-gallon jugs and moseys further down beach.

2. “Bring Sally Up” Song aka “Flower” — Squat Edition (~3:37) [Second Song]

          With a Gallon Jug in each hand, PAX holds either the “up” or “down” squat position until the song says otherwise. Real crowd pleaser. Almost had to wrap up the workout after this one since it was nearly impossible to stand/walk, let alone continue a beatdown.

LBCs X 20 IC

Flutter kicks X 20 IC

XOs X 20 IC

Bird Dog (each leg) X 15 IC

Fire hydrant (each leg) X 15 IC

Wonder bras X 15 IC

3. “Roxanne” Song  (~3:14) – [Third Song]

       Hold Plank Position entire song, perform a Merkin every time you hear “Roxanne” and a Plank Jack at every “Red Light” – equally as fun as the other 2 songs.

Slowsy to the 5 rocks (set approximately 10-20 feet apart) that Q had set up at 5am b4 his Ruck for an unnamed workout.

1:   BEAR CRAWL to each Rock, do 10 LBCs at each Rock, then Suicide Back to Starting Position.    

2:   LUNGE to each Rock, do 10 SSH at each rock, then Suicide back to starting position.

Mosey/slowsy back to Dunphys trunk to deliver 28 1-gallon jugs. Each PAX grabbed 4 of the Jugs (Q optimistically planned for 14 PAX, only 7 showed up. each person had to double down), approximately 1/2 mile slowsy with each person carrying about 32# (each jug ~8#), great way to finish out the workout.

BOM & COT – congrats to rosebud (due to late BB, is not a grandpa!)


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