Eye of the Hurricane

We needed coupons this morning.  OPES doesn’t have coupons.  The Pier does.  We worked out with coupons at The Pier.

The Thang:


Burpee mile around the entire Pier Village area

Plankorama while waiting for the six

Partner up and grab a coupon from the shoreline

Flora 1-2-3

Between each pair of men, complete the following using coupons

  • 100 merkins (sets of 10) – feet on coupon
  • 200 LBCs (sets of 20) – coupon on chest
  • 300 squats (sets of 30) – coupon on chest or goblet squat

Overhead presses w/coupons x 10

Monkey in the Middle

  • Lunges and SSHs at one end
  • Big boy sit ups and plank jacks

Mosey to the Sunken Living Room for 6MOM:

  • Dollys x 10
  • Rosalitas x 10
  • Freddie Mercurys x 11
  • Low slow flutter x 8


Naked Man Moleskin

Welcome to FNG Toucan, my brother-in-law and the designer behind our awesome F3 SSI shirts.  Hope you’ll be back for more pain next week.

Hurricane Matthew wasn’t man enough to move the rocks on our shore so we decided to do it ourselves.  No rocks were harmed in the making of this beatdown.

Always glad to have Noonan visiting from F3 Greenville.  You need a punch card for all of the times you’ve posted at our AOs

Announcements/Prayer Request

Clown car to Statesboro early Saturday morning where we’re Q’ing the third week workout.  Let me know if you’ll be joining us

Let Twinkle Toes know if you can help with clean up around the island.  His crew hit 12 houses yesterday and there are many more that need help.

No regular workout this Saturday

Prayers for Noonan’s good friend who just lost his 3 year old child

Prayers for SLH’s in-laws whose house was flooded this past week

Prayers for the Golden Isles and all of the coastal regions affected by the hurricane


Cow Tipper



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