Play It Out

5 brave souls wandered into the Gloom this AM. Temps were around 72 and the humidity was noticeably lower. It would take some extra work to get the sweat flowing.

10-Bird Dog L&R
10-Fire Hydrant L&R
10-American Hammer OYO
10-Slow LBAC FWD
10-Slow Iron Cross
10-Slow LBAC REV
10-Slow Iron Cross
10-Moroccan Night Club
10-Slow Iron Cross
10-Wonder Bra
10-Slow Iron Cross

The Thang

My brother (Broadway) gave me a deck of cards called “Play It Out”. The cards have workouts on them; 10 cards have upper body, 10 cards are lower body, and 10 are core. We started with lower body.

10-Squat Jumps IC
10-Side Lunges IC
10-Lunge Jumps OYO
10-Skater Hops IC
10-Ninja Squats
At this point Mayberry, our visiting brother from Knoxvegas was worried A) for our sanity as a workout group, and B) that the cameras on the school recorded how goofy we looked! He also had some mumblechatter about the Q’s voice inflection.

We headed to the handicap parking spots and did a 5 space descending suicide.

Next we moved to our core
10-Side Crunches IC each side
10-Leg Lifts OYO
45 second Superman Hold
5-extremely awkward to count Windshield Wipers IC

We headed to the handicap parking spots and did a 5 space ascending suicides.

Next came Upper Body
10-Diamond Merkins OYO
10-Werkins OYO
10-Dive Bombers OYO
10-Tabletop Merkins OYO
10-Stick Ups IC

We headed to the handicap parking spots and did a 5 space ascending and descending suicides.

Q called it quits 10 minutes early. I had a little story time planned. My buddy Tom was in Ironman Augusta this weekend. He has been training hard for it, and is a great athlete. He nailed his swim, and was quick in his bike; ahead of his pace entering the run. As he started his run his IT band and Hip started giving him trouble. By mile 6 he was hurting. Tom had put in all this training, and now his race plan was falling apart. Tom then came up on a runner that was blacking out and needing medical attention. Tom helped her get just that. But here’s the interesting part. This runner was a guide for a blind runner. Tom decided to take this runners place, and be the eyes for the blind woman. Tom and Tina crossed the finish line together. While Tom didn’t meet his time, he had the most amazing experience.

This is how God works. You wanna hear him laugh? Tell him your plans. God sees the full picture, and puts us where we need to be. He doesn’t call the equipped; he equips the called. Tom had no idea why his running was hampered. Most would be upset, but if Tom was on his normal pace, he wouldn’t have been able to assist the woman needing medical attention, nor Tina. The hardest prayer for YHC to pray is “Let thy will be done”. To remember it is all in his hands, and he knows the whole picture.

Prayer Requests for the Packer Family (see Slack for details). Prayers for F3 ‘Boro launch this weekend.

Our weekend to Q is October 15th. Get with CowTipper to jump in the Clown Car. October 14th the pumpkins arrive at SSUMC. Would love some help. Crossfit said they will bring more people than us. Don’t let that happen.


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