Hittin the playground

8 fierce PAX showed up in the gloom, here’s how it went down.

Got started a little late cause Dunphy couldn’t get his shoes tied. Which is better than Cow Tipper who almost didn’t find his shoes this morning due to his scarf shopping addiction.

The Thang:

Mosey to center of field in front of the flag pole for COP


SSH IC x25 (Q’s pants almost fell down we had such a sexy group of guys out there.)

Imperial Walkers IC x 15 – Q was kinda a mess, lost phone in the dark jungle that is the grass at Neptune Park.

Mosey to play ground

Partner circuit: While one does 5 pull ups, the others does 10 merkins, flapjack, then do 15 squats together.

Rinse an repeat x4

Mosey to American Horror Story playground (it was dark back there)

Plankorama while waiting for six                                                                                                         Plank, left hand up, right hand up, then hands of time 90, 60, 30, 10, back to 90

Pick a different partner for this circuit: While one does 5 pull ups, the others does 10 merkins, flapjack, then do 15 squats together.

Rinse an repeat x4

Mosey to Indian burial ground (half the PAX decided they wanted to run home early and almost passed right on by where Q had stopped.) Once we got them straightened out, plank while waiting for 6, afterwards…more partner work.

Mickey’s Hands of Time (complete with spectacular views)- x 20 just throwing partners legs straight, Flapjack

Repeat with throwing legs to alternating sides x 10 each side, flapjack

Mosey to edge of Neptune Park, wait for 6, finished with an exercise inspired by my 2.0 -The Caracal (kind of a cross between a bear crawl and a frog hop)


BOM-Thanks Rust Belt for the take out!

Naked Man Moleskin:

Great work out there today. All in all we completed a 1/2 Murph (50 pull ups, 100 merkins, and 150 squats) while running about 1.5 miles while adding in some other exercises when it was clear we didn’t have enough time to complete the playground Bermuda Triangle today. Full Murph=100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats, 2 total miles running.

Good to have visiting PAX from Knoxville. I’m gonna have to apologize, because I can’t remember for the life of me his name!

A little too much mumble chatter out there today, might need to add some chatter killers (or what i’m going to call chillers from now on) next time.

In Charmin-esque fashion I saw Cow Tipper rushing into the corner gas station as I was headed home. You know you’ve had a beat down when it gets the bowels flowing.


F3 ‘boro launches 10/1, still looking for PAX to travel down when we’re Q’ing on 10/15.



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