A Small Flock

A mere 4 of our handsomest Pax gathered this am for Dunphy’s post-tequila Friday night.

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to the Lighthouse:
  •      SSH x 20 IC
  •      15 x small arm circles IC
  •      16 x reverse SAC IC
  •      Moroccan night club x 17 IC
  •      Imperial squat walkers x 18 IC
  •      Flutter Kicks x 19 IC
  •      LBCs x 20 IC

Partner Carry to Flag Pole:

  • Tunnel of Love w/ Rucksack (Probably not the best exercise to follow the Partner Carry –  I’m sure the FNG was beginning to wonder what In the world he was doing here / F3 was all about…


5 Burpees x 10 Lunges each leg x 15 Imperial walkers x 20 Merkin x 25 Plank jacks x 30 squats

Modified Lazy Dora: 40x80x120 (Switch Partner after each Exercise)


  1.     40:     P1/ 10 x Burpees–P2/ Jog to Tree & back (Alternate until Finished)
  2.     80:   P1/ 20 x LBCs — P2/ 6″ leg hold  (Alternate until finished)
  3.     120:   P1/20 x Squats — P2/ Jog to Tree & back (Alternate until Finished) 

    Deck of Death: (I left my deck of cards on the casino stairs – will be taking donations to replace them)

    Spades: Hydraulic Squats

    Clubs: Captain Thors

    Diamonds: Dips

    Hearts: Burpees


    Wonderbras X 25 IC

    COT: BOM

    Announcements: Big Thanks to the guys that made it down for the Orlando Launch. We really need to get a good crew to make it down for the Statesboro Launch October 15 (I know its early, and will be a sacrifice, but think about all that F3 has done for you, and lets give it our best attempt to go down and show these guys what F3 is all about and do our part to give back what has been given to us). Lastly, everyone welcome our newest FNG Jeff Imperial (Guter Mann) “Good Man” in German. I think he will shoot to make it to Saturdays workouts, big thanks to Woz for finally ‘bringing’ an FNG –


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