Curls are for Girls

5 Men were dumb enough to venture to OPES in the balmy Gloom this AM. Did some arm work for Tin Man, who had to FartSack because his wife partied with Tiny Dancer last night!

The Thang

10-Bird Dog L&R
10-Fire Hydrant L&R
10-American Hammer
10-Slow LBAC FWD
10-Slow Iron Cross
10-Slow LBAC REV
10-Slow Iron Cross
10-Moroccan Night Club
10-Slow Iron Cross
10-Wonder Bra
10-Slow Iron Cross

Partner Work

4 Stations, each station partners do each workout.

Station 1-
30 OYO-10# Kettle bell Triceps Extensions Each Arm/AMRAP Dips until partner done Flap Jack

Station 2-
20 OYO-15# Kettle bell Swings Each Arm/Iron Cross Hold until partner done Flap Jack

Station 3-
25 OYO- 35# Kettle bell squat and clean/AMRAP Box Squat Jumps until partner done Flap Jack

Station 4-
Farmer’s Carry with 2 30# ruck sacks/AMRAP LBC until partner done Flap Jack

Circle Up
20-Bird Dog L&R
20-Fire Hydrant L&R
15-American Hammer
20-Slow LBAC FWD
10-Slow Iron Cross
20-Slow LBAC REV
10-Slow Iron Cross
20-Moroccan Night Club
10-Slow Iron Cross
20-Wonder Bra
10-Slow Iron Cross

Ladder Suicides in parking lot. 10 parking spots down to one.

Naked Moleskin

This workout was designed to represent our day. The COP was our morning routine. Getting up, getting kids off to school, getting to work, etc; while it’s a chore, it’s not too hard.

The Partner Work represented our Jobs. The “heavy” lifting we do at work, could be considered enough; but not for an F3 Man.

The 2nd Circle Up represents our time with family after work. This is when it gets harder. 2x more than the morning; we need to help with housework, kids HW, interact with kids, dinner, etc. Coming home exhausted and not tending to these duties is what separates a HIM from a Sad Clown.

And finally, the Sprints. This represents the tough work we as men must do; even after our house is asleep. Can you do one last load of laundry? Dishes? Take out the garbage? There is always something to be done, to lessen the burden tomorrow. Not for ones self, but for his M!

Prayer Requests: Woz and the WUMC@F Youth Heading to Orlando this weekend. Those in our community who have/who are battling Childhood Cancer. Ashton and his battle with brain swelling. F3Orlando Launch.

Announcements: F3Orlando is this weeeknd. Mind Bender and YHC will be there. Woz is a SC. F3 ‘Boro launches 10/1 or day to Q is 10/15. SSUMC Pumpkins arrive 10/14; we’ll need some muscle to unload.



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