Hee Haw can’t count

My first weekday Q, a Monday morning and I forgot my watch… that I place all blame my ability to count properly (or the fact that Inmate posted and that previous workout with him, he said that I looked dense).


Side Straddle Hops, IC

Imperial Walkers…. I dropped the ball and scrambled up the count, got called out on it, so i took the PAX directly to the pain stations (concert trashcans)

PAX split into pairs where they completed 50 weighted squats and 50 body weight sguats = 100 total for each PAX.

Tha Smokehouse x4 (i really like it because, normally choose areas that I personally need improvement on)

PAX split into pairs and completed 50 weighted luges and 50 body weight lunges

Tha Smokehouse x 4

Finished up with one man doing bear crawls up the steps around pavilion and crabwalk down steps back to group…. balance of PAX would do flutter kicks while one man crawled.  When crawler returned, we would roley-poley through each others sweat and the occasional ant bite.



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