9/11 Never Forget

Clearly late, but at least I’m getting it posted.

We had a crew of 6 men post for our 9/11 Never Forget Beatdown.


10 Side Straddle Hop IC, 10 Imperial Walker IC, 10 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward IC, 10 Little Baby Arm Circles Reverse, 10 Seal Jacks IC, and Q led deep stretch.

9/11 Tribute:

9 Rounds, 11 reps each round alternating rounds between squats and lunges.  Each round members of the PAX would switch between different coupons: 5 gallon buckets of water, #30 rucksack, cinder blocks, 30# weight.  Lunges were 11 reps each leg.

NEVER FORGET = 11 jump over burpees

Next up, my favorite Tha Smokehouse… with a little heavy metal twist!

1 Derkin (decline Merkin)

5 Merkins

10 Irkins (incline merkins)

15 Dips

20 LBC’s

Sprint to Picnic tables

2 members of the PAX would wear the 30# ruck sacks for each of 2 rounds!

Rinse Wash repeat the first two workouts.

We finished with the Pledge of Allegiance, i totally whiffed on count-o-roma and name-o-roma….. I was totally WHIPPED.

Announcements:  Orlando Launch 9-24 W/ Twinkle Toes,

Boro Launch Oct 1st, F3 St Simons Q October 15th

F3 Lunch @ Marshside 2nd Monday… Since I’m like 2 weeks late, I can include that the PAX had to call an audible and move to Typsy McSway.  I’ve only eaten there 1 time since it opened, so I can’t comment.  BUT Marshside is one of my favorites!  Well, the only thing I every get is chicken fingers and spuds.  I really like the sides of honey, and I mix it with ketchup and a could dashes of Franks hot sauce, because you put the @^$( on everything!

Prayer Request Mind Bender’s Med License and Hee Haw’s daughter first road trip driving solo.







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