A Beastly Mile

It was like any normal #Renegade workout, and then the Beast appeared and the mumble chatter began…..

We started off with the Pledge of Allegiance, using a picture of Old Glory on my phone since it was all we had. Big props to Stockyard from F3 The Fort (Fort Mill, SC) for making the trek to SSI’s north AO.

The Thang

SSH X 20
Prisoner squat X 15
Seal jack X 20
Little baby arm circles forward X 15 and flapjack
Moroccan Night Club X 15
LBCs X 15
Flutter kicks X 15

THE BEAST MILE: (For those not familiar, the Beast consists of 6 reps at 6 stations, running between stations. This is repeated for 6 different exercises, hence the 666 label.) We used the light posts that span the perimeter of the OPES parking lot as our station markers. Six laps around the OPES parking lot is a mile.
1: merkins
2: jump squats
3: plank jacks
4: monkey humpers
5: makthar n’diaye
6: burpees

Ascending Curb Crawl – from 1 to 9 (not 13 as per a normal routine)
-Start at a curb, do 1 Derkin then Bear Crawl to other curb, then do 2 Derkins Bear Crawl back to other crub, then do 3 Derkins……..all the way to 9 = 45 Derkins and much mumble chatter

Last Set
-Bird-Dog (left/Right) x 15
-Bird-Dog (Right/Left) x 15
-Fire-hydrant (Right) x 15
-Fire-hydrant (Left) x 15

One final mosey around the parking to make sure we did not forget what it looked like.

F3 SSI shirts available for purchase on website http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/f3-shirts/products/f3-st-simons-island-pre-order. Send me your shirt choice and size if you want to go in an order together and save on shipping (free with $75 purchase). Or go ahead and order on your own if you’d prefer. Either way, take advantage of the opportunity to get a shirt now. 12 order minimum which means we probably won’t order shirts again in the near future

F3 is using the Slack app for communication now, rather than text messaging. Check it out, download it, sign up, link to our Pax. BE IN THE KNOW!!!! http://www.slack.com or search for it in your phone’s App Store.

Orlando launch is 9/24 – Twinkle Toes is going and planning to spend a few days in the land of the mouse. Contact him if you are interested in helping launch a new Pax in O-town.

Tampa and Houston launch on 10/1 – No word of any F3 SSI guys heading to either, but if you would like to go, let it be known to Cow Tipper or Twinkle Toes.

Statesboro launch starts in October. F3 SSI has week 3 (3rd F focus) on October 15th. Please plan to join us as we introduce F3 to a new group of men. Contact Cow Tipper if you’re coming.

There is a free Yoga class at the beach tomorrow. Talk to Dunfy if you are interested in attending.

Prayer Requests
Charmin has a new 2.0 in the house – Welcome Abigail

Twinkle Toes’ 2.0 health issues continue, but hopefully the root cause has been identified.

This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Check out http://www.acco.org for more information.


Thank you to the Pax for allowing yourselves to be lead this morning.

See you next time.



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