Big Smiles & Cheesy Eyes

A Pax of 7 rolled out this morning.  We started with some slow stretch exercises, then moved into full blown awkwardness of big cheesy smiles and smiley eyes.

Follow the leader/simon says run to the round-about.  Regular run, high knees, regular run, butt kickers, regular run, high-jump skip, regular run, sprint around the loop… plank it up until 6 is complete.

SSH IC x30, Merkins IC x15, Imperial Walkers IC x33, Plank Jacks IC x30, Seal Jacks IC x30

Lung 1/2 around loop, then change to bear crawl, plank it up until 6 is complete.

Mosey back to parking lot.

Bicep Curls with coupons – OYO 3mins, 10 count rest

Up and out with coupons – OYO 3 mins, 10 count rest

LB Arm Circles with coupons forward, backward then Moroccan Night clubs – 3 mins

Announcement and Prayer Requests:  New SSI shirts, Slacker App, GrowRuck, etc…

Have a great day.





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