Labor day F3 labor pay

Seven pax showed to celebrate the Labor day holiday. Rather than stay at home and sleep in for the break these fine gentlemen (and Dunphy) came ready to rock a perfect morning on Saint Simons Island. Albeit from 7 to 8 rather than 0530 like the q wanted but was talked out of by Cow Tipper our sage advisor- who didn’t show up as you notice…

Weather:  great

Disclaimer was ready by Inmate.

The thang:

Mosey from casino flag pole around entire casino complex area and back to the same area.


20 side straddle hops

10 Arm circles front and back

10 four count air squats

10 four count merkins

20 lbc

10 four count merkins

15 four count flutter kicks

10 four count merkins

15 four count Freddie Mercury’s

Mosey to basketball courts

10 four count merkins

Lunge to other side

10 burpees

High knees to other side

20 air squats

Karaoke with flap jack to other side

Plank a palooza with each pax picking a position, teling their names and reason for being at F3. Rosebud gets special mention for being the biggest jerk in telling his F3 story FOREVER-while everyone suffered in the elbow plant…

Bear crawl to other side

Mosey to the whale park for circuit

20 flutter kicks

10 four count pull ups

20 dips

20 lbc

10 four count merkins

10 four pull ups

Mosey into Indian run. Again, everyone behaved except for Rosebud who continued to show his arse and redirected the pax away from a logical path to completion.

COT: announcements and prayers.


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