Stole this from F3 Summerville’s Hot Shot

With it being the first day of school, felt it necessary to break in the school grounds with a beat down.

6 brave souls made themselves better today. Weather seems to be cooling slightly, so we had to push it to sweat.

The Thang

Set One “Water’s Edge”
7-Hydraulic Squats
7-Jump Squats
1-Suicide to end of sidewalk
Repeat set 3 times

Set Two “Cumbersome”
7-Fire Hydrant Kicks Each Leg
7-Zebra Kicks Each Leg
7-Same Side Bird Dog Each Side
25-Hello Dolly
Repeat 3 times

Set Three No Music
Jog to front of school
Get 25# Brick
7-Tricep Extensions
7-Shoulder Shrugs
25-LBC with Brick
Suicide to curb
Repeat 3 times

Naked Moleskin

Run with Ernie is Sat 20th, we want to be well represented.

GrowRuck001; get signed up

Prayers for all the students starting back to school today. Rust Belt closed us out.

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