Jailbreak August 1, 2016

Well, nine PAX braved the first day of August and a beautiful morning along the coast of Georgia.

Without further ado, here it was:

Mosey to the other side of the Neptune park for the COP.


20 Side straddle hop

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Flutter kicks= 4 count

Merkins, 4 count

10 wide arm

10 regular

10 diamond

20 Little Baby Crunches, 4 count

10 Merkin jacks, 4 count

10 Burpee Manmakers, 12 counts for each rep.

10 V-ups, 4 count

Mosey to the Neptune Park Whale playground, the LONG way

Pull ups to burnout

DIPS to burnout

20 Freddy Mercury, 4 count

10 Merkins

10 Pull ups- Up with 5 count drop

Alphabet (Capital Letters) AB exercise with each pax coming up with an (mostly) appropriate name for each letter.

Mosey to Casino covered area, the LONG way, of course)

Plank-a-palooza, each pax called a plank position, explained their F3 name, why they put themselves through this at 5:30 am, and goals for being here.

20 flutter kicks, 4 count

Follow the leader up around the Casino area, up and down stairs (except for visiting Pax Moonshine who tried a rogue Indian run almost killing the Q)

Final circle with closing and thanks to all who participate !!






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