Q’s not playing with a full deck

Q just got back from a long driving trip and got sick to boot so that’s why my deck is missing a few cards. I was able to visit F3 in Nashville, Sir Elington, and they’re a friendly bunch even bringing coffee for everyone on a Tuesday at 5:30 if you ever get a chance to visit.

As you can see we had three FNG’s so the disclaimer was done up front followed by a run on the pier and then over to the grass in front of the casino.

After some stretching we circled up for SSH IC x 20, High Knees IC x 20, Merkins IC x 10 slowly, BAC’s IC x 20 and then in reverse IC x 20. Next came Imperial Walkers IC x 15, Imperial Squat Walkers IC x 15, Air Press IC x 20, and Frankenstein’s IC x 20.

Mosey to the other side of the casino to find some more grass that needed to be watered with F3 sweat. We circled up for Gas Pumps IC x15, LBC’s OYO x 20, Big Boy Sit Ups OYO x 10, Alphabet OYO A to Z, Sweat Angels IC x 10, Peter Parker’s IC x 15, Parker Peter’s IC x 15, Rosalita’s IC x 15, and Rosalits WIP’s IC x 10.

Now for my less than full deck: spades – burpees, hearts – picnic table step ups, diamonds – squats, and clubs – dips. The deck was preloaded with 2-6 spades, 2-7 hearts, 2-8 diamonds, and 2-Ace clubs. After hearing much noise about so many clubs and after Q pulled the Ace, we cut out about half the clubs but finished everything else.

Think that’s it and thanks to Twinkle Toes for closing us out.


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