90s throwback redo!

Visitors! 4 today, 2 from the great white north of NC, and 2 from a clandestine operation in Perry, GA. I redid a previous workout and added to it! Here’s it is…

10-1Leg SSH
Flap Jack 10-1Leg SSH
10-Seal Jack
15-LBAC Forward
15-LBAC Reverse
15-Moroccan Nightclub
10-Sumo Squats
10-George Foreman Squats

I Like Big Butts-Sir Mixalot
20-Plié Squats OYO
20-Fire Hydrants R
20-Fire Hydrants L
20-FH Kicks R
20-FH Kicks L
20-Zebra Kicks R
20-Zebra Kicks L

Whoomp There It is-Tag Team
Partner Up, one member of the Tag Team runs the field, while other does OYO exercise then flap jack to finish the 100
100-Incline Mericans

Hydrolics-Uncle Luke

40-Hydraulic Squats
LBC until song is over

More COP-All IC
10-1Leg SSH
Flap Jack 10-1Leg SSH
10-Seal Jack
15-LBAC Forward
15-LBAC Reverse
15-Moroccan Nightclub

Come On (and Ride It)-Quad City DJ’s
Line Up in plank, shoulder to shoulder. Pax on the end army crawl through the “train tunnel” created by the Pax. Rinse and repeat until all pax have succeeded.

DDay Tribute
In honor of Hot Shot and Jingles’ HTL Normandy (Read the blogs starting with this one! http://wesleydonehue.com/going-hurt-im-not-shot/ )
Spoke of the cliff in Normandy that overlooks Omaha and Utah beach. 225 rangers scaled the cliff to overtake the heavy artillery and the most vital point of the battle, lose this, lose the battle. Only 95 survived. In their honor we did 225. Once first Pax hit the 225 mark, we won the battle, and everyone got to call it quits. (Gray manned)

Pavilion of Pain
With so many visitors, I would be remiss if I didn’t introduce them to the PoP!

Box Jumps-20 OYO
Wall Sits-45 seconds
1 Leg Wall Sits-30 seconds
Flap Jack 1 Leg Wall Sits-30 seconds
Wall Sits-30 seconds w/Air Press
Box Jumps-20 OYO
Calf Raises-10 IC
1 Leg Calf Raises-5 IC (I’m an idiot)
1 Leg Calf Raises-10 IC

Tootsie Roll-69 boys
Star Crunch-20 OYO
Big Boy Sit Ups-20 OYO
Hold Plank for remainder of Pax
Once all Pax in plank position we moved a little as the song dictated “To the left, to the left; to the right, to the right; to the front, to the front; to the back, to the back”

Naked Moleskin

Great push today. I hope this fat boy made you sweat while enjoying some classic hip hop! Prayer concerns for Cornerstones 2.0 who is battling leukemia. Our prayers are with your family and especially sweet 3 year old Ema.


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