Legacy 43

Today was geared to honor Twinkle Toes 43 point drop in his total cholesterol since he began F3 just a few short months ago. This is an example of legacy for his kids, his wife, and larger family. Hee Haw’s son joined us as an FNG and often led the pax; I still owe the group about 22 more burpees that I had to modify on the burpee merry go round; while walking up the ramp at SSUMC I was passed by Wyndy who said while running up said ramp that he was doing another rep “just for fun”.

We started our day by running on the pier with our two out of town guests and FNG followed by a disclaimer and then some stretching.

On to the picnic tables for 43 dips IC to start off and then finishing up OYO.

Mosey to the flag pole to circle up for 43 SSH, 43 Merkins, 43 combined forward and reverse baby arm circles, 43 combined Imperial Walkers and Imperial Walker Squats, and then 43 Abe Vigodas OYO. Most of the above done with the first portion IC and then finishing the rest of the 43 OYO.

Mosey over to the grass at SSUMC for COP. Same drill often starting IC and then finishing the 43 total OYO with LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumps/Box Cutters, and Rosalita’s/Rosalita WIP’s. In the mix we did a modified alphabet spelling out FORTY THREE with our feet 6″ off the ground.

Mosey over to the ramp at the other end of the church for Burpee Merry Go Round starting with a trip on the ramp then 9 Burpees, another trip then 8 Burpees working our way down to 1 Burpee but skipping #2 so we had 43 Burpees in all. I’ll do the 22 I owe the pax after I post.

Mosey to the Casino for Box Jumps OYO 12, 12, 12, and 7 for, you guessed it, 43 total after which we circled up at the flag pole for announcements and prayer concerns with Hee Haw getting the final say on Wyndy’s F3 name (he’s already asked his dad for an F3 t-shirt).

My scripture reading this morning included Isaiah 26:17-18 which I’d brought along to share given our legacy theme. The message I took from the verses was that we are called to give birth to the legacy God wants for us, the one we were created to fulfill; not just a bunch of hot air or windy talk. Pretty cool that Hee Haw shows up with the genuine Wyndy both of whom look to be fulfilling their legacies by being men of God. By the way, Wyndy’s name came up before I read the passage from Isaiah so this was extra cool.

Blessings to all,

Mind Bender

(heading off to do my 22 Burpees now)



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