Nice Morning For A Beatdown

Prayers lifted up for Fair Weather. Get well, brother!!!

We started with some disclaiming from the Q and the Pledge of Allegiance.

-Side Straddle Hop (SSH) IC X 15
-Prisoner Squat IC X 15
-Seal Jack IC X 15
-Imperial Walker IC X 15
-Plank Jack OYO X 20

The Thang:

Jacobs’s Ladder With Decending Burpees, Ascending Big Boy Situps
Location: Flagpole and Tree off in the distance.
-Starting at the flagpole – Burpees X 11, Big Boy Situp X 1
-Run halfway to the tree, Mt. Climbers X 5
-At tree – Burpees X 10, Big Boy Situp X 2
-Head back to flagpole, stop halfway for Mt. Climbers X 5.
-Repeat this pattern until you hit Burpees X 1, Big Boy Situps X 11

Head to Casino for more fun.
-Rocky Balboa 45 secs
-Planks 45 secs
-Rocky Balboa 30 secs
-Planks 30 secs
-Rocky Balboa 20 secs
-Planks 20 secs

Corners + 1 – Deconstructed Burpees x 10 OYO – At each corner of the Casino, complete 1 part of a Burpee 10 times.
1st Corner: Squats X 10
2nd Corner: Leg thrusts X 10
3rd Corner: Merkins X 10
4th Corner: Leg thrusts X 10
5th Corner (??) Jumps X 10

Pax did the Deconstructed Burpee cycle twice. Props go out to Inmate and Hammerhead who completed 3 full cycles. Nice work fellas!!!

Finishing Touch:

Great effort by all 11 in the Pax. I appreciate the hard work, HIMs.

Welcome FNG Tennille aka John Bird Daniel. John Bird has lived in SSI for as long as I can remember. He has been a boat captain for 32 years, thus he gets the F3 name Tennille (The Captain and Tennille; Google it).

Prayer Requests:
-D2’s (Patrick Jeter) is still in a walking boot with an injured Achielles.
-Mindbender’s son is up for a potential promotion.
I know there were a few more. Please post in the comments below.


Freed to Lead: F3 and the Unshackling of the Modern-Day Warrior

  • What’s a SadClown and what does it have to do with The Sopranos?
  • How is F3 modeled after a starfish and not a spider?
  • Curious about all of the weird F3 lingo we throw around (fartsack anyone?)

Freed to Lead is the story of F3 and the principles on which it’s based.  Powerful explanations and testimonies.  Required reading for all F3 men.  Buy it here

Thanks for the hard work,



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