Full Moon Jailbreak-June 20, 2016

As an F3 “Inmate” I can tell you it isn’t the best idea to attempt a jailbreak on a full moon.  The screws have it too easy to wrestle any escapees back into the pen. However, 7 dedicated souls were brave in the attempt at 5:30 am with an almost perfect 70ish degree morning.

After the preamble and notice of being “not a professional” warning from Inmate, the seven short-time fugitives took a mosey to the SSI lighthouse for a COP.  Where just 8 hours previous a rockin’ concert by the band “Soul Fish” was held on this same ground and was enjoyed by many, these 7 “Fish” endured the following:

20 side straddle hops

20 Imperial walkers

10 four count merkins

10 four count LBCs

5 burpees OYO

7, count em, 7 positions in a “plank o’ rama” where each man chose a position and explained, seemingly more succintly and quicker as time went on, their goals for their F3 experience and why they are there with their brethren while others sleep soundly for hours longer.

10 four count merkins

-Mosey to the SSI pier

Two F3ers per side approximately 30 yards apart with three monkeys in the middle. One side did merkins, the other did LBCs, the monkeys did burpee broad jumps until relieving their counterparts. Each F3er did each exercise and completed two occasions as the monkey in the middle.

-Mosey to the playground

Two rounds total:

Round 1: 5 pullups, 10 dips, 15 flutterkicks

Round 2: 5 pullups, 10 dips, 15 Freddie Mercuries

Follow the leader run with periodic stops. First stop in the run, Inmate served up 10 OYO merkins, Rosie took over and led 10 OYO derkins, Next Cow Tipper led the group to other side of the park to lead a long couple of minutes in the People’s chair with 20 air presses. Digger tore the group from their wall of discomfort and back to from whence they came to lead 10 jump squats. Inmate wrestled back control to lead the beginning of a Indian run where each man aggressively took the reins. Inmate circled back to within feet of the Atlantic Ocean at high tide and a just risen sun to call for a jailbreak finish and the end of another successful F3 morning and start to a new week.



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