Baywatch Beatdown

The longest running TV show to never win an Emmy was the inspiration behind this morning’s workout at #Jailbreak.  Thankfully, no one had to be rescued from the six inch waves:
The Hoff

The Thang:

Mosey to the beach


  • SSH x 20
  • Peter Parker x 10
  • Parker Peter x 10
  • Merkins x 10

Partner up

Partner carry to the flag and mosey back


x2 for each man

Lifeguard pose while you wait

Ode to the Hoff

In honor of his 7/17 birthday…

  • Partner 1 does slow motion Baywatch run to the rocks and back
  • Partner 2 does 17 surfees
  • Rotate and repeat until seven circuits complete

Lifeguard pose while you wait

Line up at the edge of the surf

  • Boat and canoe (w/paddle) x 2 each
  • Michael Phelps x 15

Mosey down the beach

More partner work:

  • Partner 1 bear crawls to the flag and jogs back
  • Partner 2 does jump squats
  • Flapjack

Mosey back to dry land to the picnic benches for a final few sets

  • Dips x 10
  • Derkins x 5

6MOM (Rosie Q)

  • Rosalita x 10
  • Flutter kicks x 10
  • Dollys x 10
  • Anchor x 10 each leg

Mosey to the flag


Naked Man Moleskin

Good showing this morning with 11 strong.  I guess the sand and surf were a good motivator to get up and out of the #fartsack.  We’ll try to keep taking advantage of the unique opportunity we have to workout on a beach at F3.  I think Wilmington, NC might be the only other region that does beach work.

“Beast mode” award this morning goes to none other than 60 year old Mindbender who at 174 lbs, threw 230 lb Nomad on his back for partner carries.  #STRONG

“In character” award goes to D2 who was shirtless, shoeless, and fully in the water for surfees.  Would’ve made The Hoff proud…


Let Twinkle Toes know TODAY if you want anything from the F3 Gear store (  Order being placed at the end of the day.  Contact info – and (912) 577-4600

Qs needed for Renegade (Thursdays) this month.  Talk to D2 if you’re ready to step up and lead your brothers

Prayers for Hee Haw’s 2.0 who is on an FCA trip in the Bahamas

Closing thought (from Maxwell 365):

“Contentment is not a popular concept. Our culture actually discourages the idea. People are continually bombarded with the message, “What you have isn’t enough. You need more—a bigger house, a better car, a larger salary, whiter teeth, sweeter breath, nicer clothes . . .” The list is endless. But the truth is that possessing healthy contentment is essential to being able to withstand failure.”

Cow Tipper out


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