Grace and Mercy

PAX gathered around the Veteran’s Flag for a quick morning stretch.

The Thang:

Shimmy from Neptune’s Park to the entry of the Lodge @ Sea Island.

  • 20 cadenced scissor lifts
  • 25 cadenced leg lifts
  • 10 x 2 Spiderman’s
  • little funky yoga plank fun

Shimmy to Mallery Ball Park and JC Field

  • Base running mixing in bear crawls, big bunny hops, sprints, grapevines, and back pedaling.

Super short mosey to Lefty Butler Baseball Field

  • Big boy lunges around all the bases

Short shimmy to my jeep for paver brick distribution  for mosey back to the Pavilion of Pain (POP). Grace and Mercy for all PAX in the “respect” category  They were allowed to run back w/o a brick paver in each hand.

Workout was absent of merkins and burpees…Grace and Mercy

All PAX arrived at the “POP” at 7:55 with bricks in tow.

BOM and COT and the PAX broke free at 8:05am   No FNG’s

Tee shirt orders need to be sent to Twinkle Toes (Thunder Dan) by Monday.

Attitude and Effort was terrific by the PAX  Sweat was flowing before we hit the manicured Sea Island grass for the first beatdown. Reminded the men we are the seed planters and our 2.0’s are always watching..even when we think they are not. We will reap what we sow.


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