10 guys showed up for a beautiful, cool start of the week at Jailbreak this morning. It was Q’s old man’s 54th bday today, so 54 was the theme of the day…along with lead from behind (I’ll explain in a minute). Whatever we did, we did for 54 reps!

The Thang

Moseyed to Mallery Park for disclaimer and COP all IC

SSH x 27

Hallelujah squats x 27

Plank Jacks x 27

Little baby arm circles forward x 18 (at this point, one must note the Q can’t count, cause 18×4 is not 54)

Little baby arm circles backward x 18

Mosey to outdoor bball court in honor of NBA playoffs.

Ladder from 10-2 (for a total of 54!!) of, and here is where Q leads from behind, being the 6 for pretty much the rest of the workout.


Count down from 20 by Cow Tipper


Mosey down Park Ave to first intersection

From there mosey to FBC, down Demere, and to the lighthouse counting down burpees from 10-2 at each intersection along the way.

Q was near the 6 again, I believe Cow Tipper led some ad libed core work.

We had difficulty forming a line, but once we did, individual sprints to the flag pole. Q continuing the theme and pulled the 6.

Great take out at the flagpole by Twinkle Toes!

Great work out there everyone! Having missed a few weeks in a row, it was good to see some new faces. Loved all the encouragement at the end of the workout!


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