St Simons gets Crabby

A Pax of 9 men woke up this morning to support my virgin Q… I appreciate that guys, thanks.  Weather was beautiful considering it rained cats and dogs yesterday afternoon and evening.  Slight wind, overcast and about 65 degrees.  We moseyed over to the grassy area near the casino.  After a quick disclaimer and quickly talking about the 3 F’s and the 5 core principals we jumped into the
Extended Warm Up
25 Imperial Walkers IC
15 Squats IC
10 Windmills IC
20 Mountain Climbers IC
10 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward IC
10 Little Baby Arm Circles Backward IC
10 Moroccan Nigh Club IC
Indian Run nice and slow down the ocean sidewalk, around the light house then back down beachview and finished up back in the grass in front of the casino.
25 Seal Jacks IC
15 Squats (nice and slow) IC
20 Imperial Walkers IC
13 Merkins IC
Another Indian run down to the end of pier, end to end and back to the grassy spot near the casino…
run was shortened because of mumble chatter from PAX.
The Thang
Found a nice spot wet grass and stickers about 50-60 yards long to do some back and forth routines
Round 1:  Bear Crawl (down), 20 LBC, Lunge (back), 20 LBC, Bear Crawl(down), 20 LBC, Lunge (back), 20 LBC
Round 2:  Crab walk (down), 20 American Hammer, Broad Jump Burpee (back), 20 AH, Crab walk (down), 20 AH, Broad Jump Burpee (back), 20 AH
Round 3:  (Again, modified from mumble chatter from the PAX)  Duck walk (down), 20 Flutter kicks, Frog Jump (back), 20 Flutter kicks, Duck walk  (down), 20 Flutter kicks, Frog Jump (back), 20 Flutter kicks

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