A Gift from the North

60 degrees and WINDY

When I first heard of the St Simons Island F3 launch I was very excited. My family has been visiting regularly since I was 10 and we have owned a family condo within 2 blocks of the new SSI AO for the past 25 years. I have vacationed on the island several times a year since then. Summer vacations with family are always the best memories: from playing with my brothers at the beach, to teaching my own kids to swim in the condo pool. SSI is special to me. I was glad to give back a little something to the Island.
I reached out to SSI F3 and secured the first open date on their calendar. It just happened to fall just after their completion of the 6 week F3 orientation. Fellow North Augusta Pax, Tater Tread joined me and added another new AO post to his own extensive list of F3 AOs.

Welcome and Disclaimer – Smalls
Mosey to the Lighthouse where Tater Tread lead the warm up COP. All exercises In cadence
SSH x 25
Imperial Walker x 20
Peter Parker x 20
Mountain Climber x 20
Imperial Squat Walker x 20
Merkin x 20
Little Baby Arm Circles x 20 (front and backwards) followed by Air Press x 20 got the arms smoking and generated a lot of groans and mumble chatter.

A slow mosey back to the main field in the park where the Pax lined up on a row of cones that had been lying in wait. YHC then introduced The Beast as the next COP, although the specific exercises were not announced ahead of time. The Beast has the pax run 30 yards to the next line of cones and do 6 reps of called exercise OYO, then run to the next set of cones and repeat. With 4 rows of cones, you finish back at the start line with your 6th set of 6 reps. And after 6 different exercises, you have completed 6 6 6- The Beast. Our exercises this morning:
Jump Squats
LB Crunches
Big Boy Sit Ups
And the only exercise to finish The Beast with – Burpees
YHC got his thanks through the pile of extra clothes and hats that were shed during the COP as the Pax worked though the cool ocean breeze.

Tater Tread took over and slow moseyed us to the pier for our last COP.
Four Corners is a favorite of his, normally run from cone to cone, but use of the pier where was too good to pass up, especially since it gave a better view of the sunrise.
1st Station (Mid point of the Pier) 5 Diamond Merkins / 50 Squats
2nd Station (top of the T of the Pier) 10 finger tip Merkins / 50 Squats
3rd Station (Left end of Pier) 15 Werkins / 50 Squats
4th Station (Rt end of Pier) 20 Merkins / 50 Squats then run back to the start

With about 8 minutes remaining we set off on another round of Four Corners, substituting LBCs for Squats.
Mosey back to the shovel flag.
Upcoming CSAP events – contact Twinkle Toes for more info
Coffeteria – 6 post at Palm Coast for a great breakfast

Naked Man Moleskin
Thanks for having me down. I look forward to posting again whenever I am down. And some of the NA Pax who missed this trip are already trying to get me to plan another road trip because your Island is a great place to play. SSI really is a special place for me. My parents were planning to retire down there before my Mom got the big C and passed away 17 years ago. Parents had become involved in the local community and they are even listed on the plaque as contributors to the right whale statue that sits in the middle of your AO. Combine those family memories with what F3 has meant to me over the past year and you guys should know that YHC is pulling for you to succeed and grow the mission of F3 on SSI and in the Golden Isles.
See Ya Soon!
Smalls. Out!


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