A little church work to begin the week..

When: April 11, 2016

QIC: Rosie

Pax:  Cow Tipper, Nomad, Mindbender, Inmate, Digger, Special K (FNG)

The thang:

Slaughter Starter (10 burpees OYO)

Mosey down Butler Drive to Fairway Dr for COP

COP:  SSH x 25

IW x 20

Prisoner Squats x 20

Mosey thru the darkness to King’s way & Park Ave for merkins x 10 (4 ct. IC), LBC x 20

Mosey to Presbyterian Church

3 point circuit:

Wheelbarrow carry to 1st point; Merkins x 12

Bear crawl to 2nd point; makthar N’Diaye x 12

Lunges to 3rd point; squats x 12

Rinse & repeat x 3 (alternate partners on wheelbarrow)

Mosey to Mellow Mushroom

Rosalita X 10 (4ct. IC)

Anchor x 10 (each leg) (4ct IC)

Dolly x 10 (4 ct IC)

AYG to flagploe.

Moleskin:  Welcome to Special K.  Hope you’ll join us again.  Several prayer concerns:  Digger’s son-in-law, Mindbender’s daughter  (? ).  Guest Q from North Augusta this Sat. (4/16).







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