St. Simons Week 6 – Q101

Not many AO’s can compete with my home-town brothers in @F3Charleston but @F3StSimons is certainly in contention.  Watching the sun rise over the harbor to expel the #Gloom is worth the road trip all by itself.  Having the opportunity to work out with the local #Faithful, though, and impart a little F3 knowledge is always special.  Regardless of the place, it seems, men everywhere need F3 in their lives.  ‘Great to see it spreading just a little further south of Ballantyne.

Conditions:  55 Degrees and warming up in the sun.


Mosey to the field for a little COP including:

  • SSH X 25, 4CT IC (That’s Four Count In Cadence)
  • Mercans X 15, 4CT IC
  • LBC’s X 20, 4CT IC
  • Squats X 20, 4CT IC
  • Carolina DryDocks X 15, 4CT IC
  • American Hammers X 20, 4CT IC
  • Burpees X 10 (Or thereabouts), OYO

Mosey to the enormous, amazing oak tree… that needs an F3 name (we name everything) for some partner work:

  • 100 Mercans split evenly between two partners… 10 doing Mercans while the other planks, flapjack until complete.
  • Hold 6″ rolling into Flutter Kicks X 20, 4CT IC
  • 100 Squats split between partners…  10 doing Squats while the partner holds Air Chair, flapjack until complete.
  • Plankorama until the six wraps up (which may have been our pair)
  • Solo Step Ups X 20, OYO
  • Big Boy Situps X 20, OYO

Mosey around the playground to the parking lot for fun with Burpees.  That went a little something like this:  for the full length of the parking lot, every space got a Burpee and every street light got 20 LBC’s.  I didn’t count them (notable this morning, F’head can’t count) but it was about 40 Burpees in total punctuated by 100 LBC’s.  #CrowdPleaser

Mosey around the welcome center, leaving no man behind, and circle up beneath the lighthouse (yeah…  St. Simons has a beautiful white lighthouse…  amazing spot) for a little HTC training.  So that you’ve got it written down, here’s the drill:

A proper F3 workout is typified by the Q calling the exercises in a command voice and demeanor in the following pattern:

  • “The Next Exercise Is… (pause) Side Straddle Hop” (or whatever you happen to be calling)
  • “Starting Position…  (pause) Move”
  • “In Cadence… (Pause) Exercise”
  • 1, 2, 3 (breathe), 1, 2, 3 (breathe), 1, 2, 3…
  • “Recover”

Each of the three introductory phrases is broken into an information command and an execution command, that is, what you’re going to do and then the command to actually do it.  The cadence is called at the pace of the exercise and the last rep is noted by an inflection of the voice to which the pax respond “Halt”.  “Recover” is typically used to signal the relaxation of the position or to get up off the ground and begin the next set of commands.  Master this and you’ll sound like a pro even if your knees are shaking beneath your drawstring.

Following the HTC, mosey back the way we came to the now much appreciated parking lot for a little more of the now popular Burpee/LBC combo.  Another 40 Burpees and 100 LBC’s later and the pax again have their heart-rate up where it should be for a solid beatdown.

  • Flutter Kicks while the 6 rally’s and then another 20 reps 4CT IC

Mosey to the cool covered atrium thing (again, this needs an F3 name.  We name everything) for some #Pushorama and #Mary as follows:

  • Plank it on up, y’all, plank it on up (#USDM Reference)
  • Mercans X 10, 4CT IC
  • Hold Plank
  • Wide Arm Mercans X 5, 4CT IC
  • Hold Plank
  • Diamond Mercans X 5, 4CT IC
  • Hold Plank, right arm up, left arm up, low plank, etc.
  • Recover and then move to:
  • LBC’s X 20, 4CT IC
  • Hold 6″ followed by Flutters x 20, 4CT IC
  • Protractor
  • Hello Dolly X 20, 4CT IC
  • Back to 6″
  • American Hammers X 20, 4CT IC
  • Big Boy Situps X 20, OYO

Mosey out on to the field and around to the benches by the shovel flag for one last set of:

  • Dips on the benches X 20, 4CT IC.

With time expiring, YHC felt it important to give a little shout out to the impact F3 has had on me and the F3Columbia pax.  It’s a great workout, yes, but it’s so much more than that.  Whether you embrace all that F3 can transform in your life or not, dig a little deeper.  EH a brother from work, church, your neighborhood… wherever.  Guys everywhere need all three F’s in their life.  And you’re the guy who can serve them.



  • This is week 6, the last week of the standard launch sequence.  It’s time to take ownership of this thing in St. Simons.  It’s been freely given but that gift comes with a personal responsibility.
  • CSAUP opportunities are coming at you.  If you’d like to make the trip to the F3MudRun, signups end the 17th.  After that, look for other events F3 can participate in as a bonding experience both in training and completing whatever crazy thing you want to accomplish.
  • Coffeeteria to follow with some extra credit knowledge available.  (Covered during the one hour extra was primarily the #BowlingBall analogy and the extended way in which F3 seeks to fill the 3 holes in a mans life… allowing him to again have impact as he was created.

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • Thanks, guys, for having me down.  Taking part in a launch, especially given the opportunity to share what F3 has meant to YHC, is a real privilege.  As F3 St. Simons grows, you’ll find opportunities to go and do likewise, to take F3 to towns both near and far.  When you get that chance, seize it!
  • Special, personal thanks to CowTipper for welcoming me to town and to TwinkleToes for going so far as to buy me breakfast.  ‘Great leadership emerging.
  • Shout out to Chaser for letting me be his substitute.  While I’ve certainly led my share of Q-Schools, he’s usually the man on the road out of F3Columbia.  This time he not only let me take his spot, he kept my 2.0’s last night so that the M and I could come down and turn this little trip into a much needed vacation.  So, T-Claps and thanks, brother.
  • We don’t have something like a “boo” in F3 lingo but I’ve got to say the #TwinkleSquats were one of my personal least favorites…  Not only was I entirely unable to perform that particular exercise, I looked silly doing it.  (All in good fun, TT, all in good fun. :-))
  • F3Nation is a band of brothers.  Any time you’re on the road, as YHC gets to be this weekend, make an effort to post at a local workout.  You’ll be more than welcome and, if you’re half normal, it will be a great encouragement to you as it will be for the guys you’re dropping in on.



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