Sailors Warning

FOO (F-u-u) – Anything that impedes a mans ability to lead.  Examples include (but not exhaustive): self doubt, selfishness,  laziness, loathing, whining, lack of purpose,commitment, and/or motivation. You get it, the symptoms common to Sad Clown syndrome.  Treat the Foo – cure the Clown.  Aye!

Ten (10) faithful posted for week 4 of the St. Simons Island expansion. Red Skies were a warning for the PAX.  Summerville brought some coupons, and pain to chip away at the FOO.

Conditions: Cloudy skies, breezy and balmy

COP:  SSH x20 IC, IW x20 IC, LBAC x20 IC, Body Builders x15 IC, Merkins x20 on Q, Monkey Humpers x20 IC.

Thang: Mosey to the Hot Spots truck, pair up the PAX, issue each pair a log.  Mosey to star point.  Four corners around the AO for some log livin’.  1. 10 log shoulder-to-shoulder IC, 20 log squats, 30 log flutter kicks, mosey,   2. 10 OVHD Log Lunges, 20 Merkins on the log, 30 Log sit-ups, mosey.   3. 10 single PAX log squats, 20 OVHD log squats, 30 log flutter kicks, mosey.   4. 10 log curls, 20 log post hole diggers, 30 log sit-ups.  40m log roll x 40m log cusak.  Mosey to the truck and stow the logs.  Mosey to the Flag.

Mary: Indian sit-ups, Xs&Os, Chill Cuts, Flutter Kicks, Heels to Heaven




Announcements:  F3 Summerville will host the Hurricane CSAUP 7 May, 2016 at River Front Park in North Charleston.

Moleskin: The holiday weekend, weather and maybe coupon anxiety influenced to low #s.  The St Simons PAX pushed hard – #Tclaps.  The core is strong on St Simons with some EH and social media action the numbers will increase.  The AO is amazing and certainly an asset for growth.  It was an honor for YHC, Hot Spot and Adjustment to make the trip South.



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