A trip to Bermuda


The Thang:

Mosey to Moo Cow for some ice cream and COP


SSH x 25 IC 4 count

Hallelujah Squats x 15 IC 4 count

SSH x 25 IC 4 count

(Sometime between the Hallelujah Squats and the second round of SSH we heard the voice of God called down to us saying we were too loud…or it might of been a lady who lived close to Moo Cow, regardless we took a brief COP intermission and moseyed to the base of the light house.)

COP: cont

Planks until Q felt like doing something else

Plank-Jacks x 15 IC 4 count

Mosey to big playgroud at Neptune park

Took a little vaca to the Bermuda Triangle. Here’s how our trip went

  1. 5 pull-ups or 10 swingset rows @ playground
  2. 15 Mercins @ beachfront gazebo
  3. 20 Squat jumps @ flagpole

High knees in between stations

Plank while waiting for 6

Rinse and repeat, butt kicks in between stations

Rinse and repeat, mosey between stations

Mosey to sunkin living room

6mom all oyo:

  1. Mountain climbers x 20
  2. Peter Parkers x 20
  3. Anchors x 10 flapjack and repeat
  4. American hammers x 20

Mosey to Neptune field, burpee ladder, starting at 1 increasing to 6


Naked Man Moleskin

You know it will be a good day when groans happen on the first exercise of the COP.

Inmate’s comment about Q’s abs during first planks came back round during 6mom.

Great work out there everyone!


If you’re interested in Qing let Cow Tipper know. It definitely adds another dynamic to the experience. Pushes you to be better AND you get to hear the groans, not be the one groaning.

Twinkle Toes mentioned several Csuap opportunities coming up. If your interested, get with him.



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