Backblast-SSI F3 Monday 0530

Alcon, we had a beautiful, but cold, workout today.

The following fun was had by all in the Pier Village and surrounding areas of South SSI:

Disclaimer read by Inmate

Mosey to Parkers for the COP:


Side Straddle Hop-20

Imperial Walker-20


Graduated Squats-15

Burpee OYO-5


Diamond Merkins-10

John Travoltas-10

Mosey to village store front for People’s chair-2 minutes

1 minute regular position

30 seconds-Al Gore, native son of Inmate’s home state, The Great State of Tennessee

30 second with 20 air presses

Mosey to end of street

Railroad tracks for 100 meters (appx)

Split into 2s with a monkey in the middle for:

flutter kicks and merkins with monkey running

burpees and freedom twists with monkey running/karaoke

LBC and mountain climbers with monkey lunging

Mosey to the playground/whale running, karaoke and backward running

10 pullups OYO

10 LBC






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