Hills? What Hills?

The Thang

Cow Tipper Q

Slaughter Starter (20 burpees OYO)

Mosey up Mallery, stopping at Del Sur Bakery for COP


  • SSH x 20
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • Squats x 25

Mosey to the Hill of all Hills


Crossfit merkins at the top

LBCs at the bototm

Plank when you’re done

Left arm/right arm/left leg/right leg high

6 inches

Mosey to mini golf

Charmin Q

Stretch your ass (both sides)

Pusherama (x5 each)

  • Wide arms
  • Diamonds
  • Stagger right
  • Stagger left

Partner up

Wheelbarrows up the poolhouse stairs

X 2 each parter

Suicides x 5

Cow Tipper Q

Mosey to the little boy playground

  • Pullups x 10
  • Dips x 15
  • Step ups x 20

Mosey to the Upper Deck

5 burpees OYO

Back down to the little boy playground for a little Mary

Dollys x 10

Freddie Mercurys x 15

Jailbreak to the flagpole




FBI Jeff apparently rode up on his bike about 90 seconds after we departed this morning.  Promises to be there next week.  Let’s all post and give him a proper beatdown.  Rosie’s got the Q

Q was a team effort today between YHC and Charmin due to a mixup on the schedule.  Better to have two men prepared to lead than none.  You can quote me on that

The PAX looked like a Michael Jackson backup dance crew with all of the gloves this morning.  Charmin’s were fingerless so he was more like Michael Jackson’s biker bodyguard

Hooters LIFO’d at 6:00AM sharp.  Something about “work”…


Let me know when you want to Q in March and April.  All Mondays are open except March 7th.

#BigBang in t-minus 12 days.  Get the word out!  We’ll have a much better chance of getting guys engaged on day 1 with all of the enthusiasm around the launch.  Send me the emails of anyone you think could possibly be interested.  They can always unsubscribe later if they want but often just hearing about it via email will convince a handful of guys to give it a try.

Cow Tipper



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